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Induction motors are to one type of motors that are used in many industries. They can be used in small electrical appliances, such as electric fans or large machines: metallurgical machinery, machine tools, etc. Induction motors could be applied to various fields, stay stable and reliable. Today, Kuo Shuay introduces the operation principle of induction motor and the application of motor to you!

What is Induction Motor?

Induction motor is one type of AC motors. It is a motor that fixes the coil on the motor and uses electromagnetic induction to make the rotating body in the machine generate current, so it is also called induction motor or asynchronous motor. Induction motor is characterized by the use of alternating current, simple and durable structure, and low manufacturing cost. It is currently the most widely used type of motors, and it can be divided into single-phase and three-phase motors according to the power used.
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Induction Motor

Single Phase Motor

The operating principle of a single-phase motor is more complicated than that of a three-phase motor. The main reason is that the main winding of single-phase motor can only generate an oscillating magnetic field, which goes back and forth rather than a rotating magnetic field. The rotation requires the starting winding (auxiliary winding) and main winding, one part is responsible for starting the motor, and the other part is to keep the motor running; compared to the three phase motor with same horsepower, the size of single-phase motor is larger and the efficiency is relative poor, however, it takes the advantage of using household or urban AC power, the three-phase industrial power is not necessary. As it does not limited by the power supply, the application is very convenient.
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Single phase motor appearance:

The appearances of single-phase motors are usually diverse, mostly customized designs and the outlook is selected according to various use and application. The capacitors or capacitor covers can be noted from most of the appearances.
Single phase motor appearance


Common applications:
Most of the home such as air conditioners, fans, refrigerators, kitchen range hoods and mixers are operated with single-phase motors in induction motors. The main reason for choosing single-phase motors is not only cheap and durable, but simple plug in with the household AC power supply provides many conveniences.
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Three-phase motor

The operating principle of the three-phase motor is simple. The 3 stator windings are each separated by 120 degrees of electrical angle, when we connect the windings to a three phase AC power; it establishes a rotating magnetic field to drive the rotor. The structure is simple, the maintenance is easy, and the manufacturing cost is relatively cheap. The disadvantage is that the three-phase motor cannot operate properly if it is not connected to the three-phase power supply, which is a common limitation for three-phase induction motor.

Three phase motor appearance:

The appearances of many three-phase motors are standard according to IEC or NEMA regulation, which more simple than single phase motor, while they can still be customized according the special application and use.
Three phase motor appearance
Common applications:
Three-phase induction motors are often used in high-precision machine equipment in factories. The main reason is that three-phase motors have large output power and good efficiency, which can reduce production costs. In addition, three-phase motors have simple and strong structures , which can keep the production line smooth; although the power connection of the three-phase motor has a definite sequence and cannot be misconnected, in fact, most of the machines in the factory have been pre-connected to the wires for operation, wrong connection of wire are less likely to occur.
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Comparison between Single and Three Phase Motor

Single Phase Motor
Three Phase Motor
Alternating Current
Single phase power supply(household power)
Alternating Current
Three phase power supply(industrial power)
Complicated, need auxiliary winding
Relative Low
Complicated Structure, relative high
Simple structure, low cost
Suitable Application
Home appliances, small and medium motors
Factory equipment, large machines

Professional induction motor manufacturer

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Motors are the main source of power for many machines, and induction motors can be said to be one of the most widely used types of motors. Today, we bring you the most basic introduction of induction motors. We believe you already have a full harvest. Kuo Shuay was established in 1988 and has accumulated many customers and experience in the past 30 years. If you have any questions or needs for motors, please contact us directly, we will be glad to talk to you!
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