IE4 Motor (Super Premium Efficiency)

IE4 motor

Aluminum Frame Motor - IE4 (Super Premium)

Kuo Shuay IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motor has been tested in UL motor laboratory, which reached IE4 level. The energy conservation issue has become more and more important in recent year, choose IE4 motor can help customers further reduce carbon-dioxide release and save electricity cost. The appearance of the motor is designed with an aluminum alloy shell, which is relatively lighter in weight than traditional motors, and has a beautiful frame and good heat dissipation. Motors are used in a wide range of applications, such as various fans and blowers, pumps and industrial applications.

The IE4 motor has excellent characteristics, using iron core material that can reduce the loss and equipped with higher insulation level, which further improves the efficiency and life of the motor. It has CE, BSMI, and UL safety standard certification, and the operating temperature rise is low. The IEC standard holes positions are used in the assembly, which is convenient for interchange with the old motor used by the customer. Currently, the two-pole IE4 motor produced by Kuo Shuay has a horsepower range from 0.5HP up to 20HP, and the voltage can cover 200, 220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 415, 440, 460, 480V, frequency 50, 60Hz, support voltage applications in most countries and regions.

Motor Efficiency Classification(IEC 60034-30-1)

IE1 (Standard Efficiency)
IE2 (High Efficiency)
IE3 (Premium Efficiency)
IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency)