Custom Electric Motor

0.01KW - 15KW Custom Electric Motor

Over 70% motors from KUO SHUAY are customized. We help our customers to design the most suitable motor for them with great competitiveness on the market. For the past decades, we constantly delicate to developing low temperature rise, low noise, low vibration and high efficiency motor. Many customers work with us from a single product to full range products. Motors are widely applied in agricultural equipment, food machinery, commercial pumps, packaging machinery, fans and blowers (HVAC system), refrigeration equipment, industrial equipment, woodworking machinery, gate operator, hoist and crane, air compressors, medical industry and electric carrier.

Three reasons to choose Kuo Shuay custom motor

● Highly customized motor design with short develop lead time.
● Trusted test reports available from our UL laboratory.
● Professional motor design and manufacturing experience in various industries for over 30 years.

Customized your own motor

Whether you need to run your motor in an erosive area, applying to HVAC system in new building, Kuo Shuay is your source for those definite purpose motor. We had been a symbol of reliability, innovation and quality for the customized motor, both off-the-shelf product and built-to-order product. Help our customer to find the best solution.

Need special breakdown torque or start torque? Require a special shaft end or mounting? We have the motor solution for you. Our definite motor is designed for specific operation, having special protection, ensure optimal operation in different environment. Benefit from special design, motor may withstanding extreme loads and maintain durable.

Kuo Shuay offers the customized and definite purpose motor, helping you save lots of time, cost and meets all requirements. You can spend more time focusing on your business and keep growing with us.