Quality has always been an uncompromising part for KUO SHUAY. Through a strict inspection system, we check and record each process and detail from material to finished product.

IQC (Incoming Quality Control)

Checking supplier control card.
Examine each component.
Sample plan following the Military Standard 105E.
Key components are 100% checked.
Measuring equipment are calibrated quarterly by quality control team and calibrated by third party institution annually.

IPQC (In Process Quality Control)

Patrol Inspection : Check the appearance, assembly tolerance, rotation, operation sound, adjust the machine to accuracy position, and examine the incoming components.
First Article Inspection :

OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)


After appearance and label inspection, all motors would stay in noise test room for 100% test before packing. These tests include high potential test, insulation resistance test, layer test and performance test. Each motor has a unique tracking number and could easily follow up in the future.


ISO9001 Certification


Appearance Inspection Sample