Benefits Of Our Service

Kuo Shuay has highly customized capabilities. According to the characteristics of different customers, the design, order receiving, delivery time and material preparation can be adjusted, and establish a strong connection with our customers. Furthermore, we dedicate to making the differentiation in the market by providing small amount order with diverse product.

Flexible MOQ and Great Product Capability

Kuo Shuay accepts the minimum order quantity (MOQ) 10 pieces for B2B service. However, the MOQ is actually flexible depend on the type of motors, size and the materials stocked. For customers who need MOQ less than 10 pieces, we are also willing to discuss or provide the inventory service. Current motors produced each year are around 400,000 pieces, and the production capability are significantly increased after adding the new factory building.

Standard Lead Time One Month or Shorter

The standard lead time is one month. For customers who need the product lead time less than one month, we could prepare the inventory of product and semi-product, the lead time can be more flexible and helping our customers becomes more competitive.

Well-Experienced R & D Team

With a strong and powerful research and development team, we always find ways to meet the needs for our customers. Investing in research and development annually, we keep innovation and improve the design of motors, providing better choices for the market.

Offer Reliable Test Data

We provide customers with the most accurate and reliable test data from our authorized UL laboratory. New products are designed, tested, certificated in our factory and saving valuable time before it goes to mass production.

Help Customers to Get Certification Soon

Kuo Shuay have many experiences in motor certification, starting from the original design, choose suitable materials and design, helping customers to complete the certification soon, and avoid re-doing time.

Provide Electric Motor Advices for Various Industries

Due to the cooperation with numerous industries, we have much more experience in different industries especially in cross industries new products. Motor can be used lots of field such as medical treatment, electric carrier, air exhaust, cooling systems, air compressors, pumps, food industry, woodworking machinery, cranes, sports and fitness industry. We are always welcome and glad to work with different industries, providing suitable motors.
Automatic motor torque test system
Independent voltage stabilizer
High precision aluminum alloy coupling

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