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Kuo Shuay, since 1988, is a professional foot and flange mounted AC Motor manufacturer based in Taiwan.

At KUO SHUAY, all cast iron and aluminum frame AC electric motors are manufactured with UL certifications, which include efficiency tests, torque-speed curve tests, temperature rise tests, circle diagram tests and more. And their motors are used in food machine, CNC, treadmill, blower, pump, stacker, electric carrier and gate operator industries.

Kuo Shuay has been offering customers UL certified AC motors, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Kuo Shuay ensures each customer's demands are met.

UL Motor Test Item

Motor Dynamometer Test
Motor Dynamometer Test

Motor test in laboratory could be varies. Here we briefly introduce some of our main tests.

● Efficiency Test
● Torque-Speed curve Test
● Locked Rotor Test
● Temperature Rise Test
● Circle Diagram Test
● Inverter Duty Motor Test
● Brushless Motor Test
● Noise Vibration Test

Service Case: Measure and Analyze the Vibration Issue

Customer S is a Thailand industrial ventilation system manufacturer. They have controversial issue with their previous supplier about the motor noise and vibration for a long time. Because they do not have a proper vibration standard to discuss with their former supplier, can only by the method of hand touch and feel the vibration.

Kuo Shuay tested their existed motor and analyzed the causes of noise and vibration in the UL lab. The motor are carefully tested from three planes (vertical, horizontal, and axial) by the vibration meter. We also had the noises test and analysis in our silent test chamber. By using accurate vibration and noise meter with statistic data and providing a quality control standard, our customer is very satisfied that we can systemically solve the vibration issue and provide trusted report for them.

Lab Capability

No.Test ItemRange
1Efficiency TestIf the motor needs to enter North America, Japan, Europe, China, South Korea, etc., according to local laws and regulations, the motor must meet energy efficiency requirements. Kuo Shuay can provide either certified high-efficiency series products, or design new motors according to customer needs, and test the efficiency by specific methods in the UL laboratory.
2Torque-Speed Curve TestAccording to the speed and torque relation, sketch the performance curve, helping customer to know the motor performance at load point 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150% and maximum torque. Computer can automatically collect key data such as current, efficiency, torque and speed.
3Temperature Rise TestOne of the most important considerations of the motor is the temperature during operation. Temperature rising test can simulate the loading at customer's end. During the stabilization process of temperature, the computer would record the temperature rising curve, to let the customer know whether the insulation level of the motor meets the temperature requirement or the motor have correctly matched the temperature protection devices.
4Circle Diagram TestThrough the stable and high quality power system in our UL lab, computer can automatically and precisely measure the data of the induction motor, draw the motor circle diagram and further calculate the maximum output, maximum torque, power factor, efficiency and speed, etc.
5Inverter Duty Motor TestDue to varies test methods, please ask us for further detail.
6Brushless Motor TestDue to varies test methods, please ask us for further detail.

Test Standard from Different Regions

1TaiwanCNS 14400, CNS 5421, CNS 1056, CNS 1057, CNS 11873
2Unite StateNEMA MG-1, ANSI / IEEE-112(B), IEEE-114
3EuropeIEC 60034-2-1, IEC 60034-1
4CanadaC390-10, C747-9
5JapanJIS C 4034-2-1, JIS C4210
6North AmericaUL 1004-1, UL 1004-3, UL 1004-8

Standard for other regions also available, we can help you for further understanding.

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  • 20HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 1765 RPM, EFF 93.0% - IEC standard motor, 15KW, Premium efficiency, Foot Mounted
    20HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 1765 RPM, EFF 93.0%
    Horizontal Type

    Due to the energy saving issue, many governments have started to regulate the energy consumption for motors. According to the IEC 60034 standard, the nominal efficiency for 20HP 4 poles three phase induction motor is 93% at 60Hz, and 92.1% at 50Hz. Compared with IE1 or less efficient traditional motors, the IE3 motor can save more than 5% energy losses. Therefore, significantly electricity cost could be saved for long term use.In order to provide a better efficiency, the motor core uses special electromagnetic steel with excellent insulation and magnetic permeability to achieve a high power density, and significantly reduces the core loss. The motor runs with low temperature rise, and has an IP54 protection. Kuo Shuay could provide certification including UL (North American), BSMI (Taiwan), CE (Europe) and GB2 (China), and have been approved for sale by the US Department of Energy.

  • 15HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3545 RPM, EFF 91.0% - IEC standard motor, 11KW, Premium efficiency, Foot Mounted
    15HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3545 RPM, EFF 91.0%
    Horizontal Type

    The 15HP2P high efficiency squirrel cage induction motor has an aluminum frame and use a smaller motor iron core. Therefore, the weight is lighter than traditional iron cast motor. It follows the international standard IEC60034 and designed for IE3 efficiency equivalent to premium level in North America). Compared to traditional or IE1 motor efficiency (87.5% or less), IE3 efficiency is 91%. It helps our customer saving the energy cost each year. The motor is certificated by UL (North America), BSMI (Taiwan) and CE (Europe), and sold to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China and many countries.The advantage of Kuo Shuay's high efficiency motor is the wide range of the voltage and frequency cover (200V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V to 480V, with frequency 50Hz and 60Hz). It helps our customer reduces the inventory cost and easier to control their stocks. On the other hand, the motor has three positions of foot mount installation. The terminal box can be rotated 90°, let customers have more flexibility to adjust the cable power entrance and foot mounted position.

  • 20HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3530 RPM, EFF 91.7% - IEC standard motor, 15KW, Premium efficiency, Flange Mounted
    20HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3530 RPM, EFF 91.7%
    Vertical Type

    20HP three phase AC motor is widely used in various industries. Cast iron frame and TEFC structure provided IP54 protection. High quality double shield ball bearings are pre-lubricated; therefore, the motor is easy maintenance. F class insulation (withstand heat up to 155°C) let the motor have more temperature tolerance and long service life.Motor designed in accordance with IEC60034, has excellent operating performance, and has reached IE3 and NEMA Premium efficiency. Installation dimensions are all international universal specifications, and the motors are interchangeable. 50Hz, 60Hz dual frequency and multi-voltage designs allows customers to reduce their inventory costs. The products have obtained certification including UL (North America), BSMI (Taiwan), GB2 (China) and CE (Europe).

  • 15HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3545 RPM, EFF 91.0% - IEC standard motor, 11KW, Premium efficiency, Flange Mounted
    15HP General Purpose IE3 Motor 3545 RPM, EFF 91.0%
    Vertical Type

    The 15HP IE3 motor, efficiency reaches 91% obtains the Department of Energy from U.S. approval according to the energy regulation 10-CFR 431. The high efficiency can reduce the energy consumption, protect the environment. Recently, many countries have already made the regulation for the energy-saving way. The ANUH series gets the certification from UL (North America), CE (Europe) and BSMI (Taiwan). Applicable voltage includes 200V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V to 480V, frequency 50Hz and 60Hz.The motor adopts a shorter diameter of stator with upgraded electromagnetic steel, increasing the power density. It can maintain the same output, while achieving the IE3 level. In addition, the motor has F class insulation and IP 55 protection. As a professional motor design manufacturer, Kuo Shuay could provide an excellent quality product and offer a more competitive option.