Does Kuo Shuay accept customized motors order?

Kuo Shuay has expertized in producing and customizing versatile motors and accumulated abundant customization experience over 30 years, facilitating our specialized field in customized motors. Customer-tailored/Customized motor process comprises catering to customer needs, designing motors, testing, finalizing the motor specification and acquiring relate certifications when request. Combining the standard process and Kuo Shuay’s experience has realized the concurrent processing for smoothing the transition in the developing stage, shortening the lead time from prototyping to mass production and averting the iteration in testing and fine-tuning. Given that Kuo Shuay has developed and built many customized motors in the past 30 more years, one of our indispensable and irreplaceable advantages is to provide customer-tailored solutions in time-competitive developing cycles with our experience in molding technology and industrial certifications.

Certification for Customized Motor

In terms of certification, Kuo Shuay not only owns an in-house UL motor laboratory but also has thousands of motors certified by UL. In many successful customized cases, we’ve introduced the UL-certified modules into partial customized designs. Under this circumstance, the motors built with UL recognized parts DO NOT require additional UL application, greatly saving customers’ developing effort and certification application cost, and still be granted with the safety standard certification. For brand new design cases, we design and test followed by UL safety regulation, make sure all motors are under the regulation of UL, and the motors can easily pass all the tests of further certification. Customized motors with UL safety certification can give customers more confidence in products and are often a critical requirement of exporting to North America.