Flange Mounted IE3 Aluminum Frame Motor

10HP IE3 General Purpose Motor, 3530RPM, Aluminum Frame, Vertical

Frame 132S, Efficiency 90.2%
Compliance with RoHS 2.0.
Premium efficiency(IE3)
Dynamic balancing, low vibration and noise
Terminal box located on the top of motor, available for 90°x4 rotation
F class insulation, increase the lifecycle of the motor.
Self-external fan(IC411), totally enclosed, fan-Cooled


The three phase squirrel cage induction motor, 10HP, is a high efficiency motor (efficiency: 90.2%). Compared to traditional 10HP motor (efficiency: 87.5% or less), the premium efficiency (IE3) motor has the advantages to save the energy cost and reduce the consumption. The ANUH series IE3 motor from Kuo Shuay features with a wide range of voltages 200~480V, frequency 50Hz and 60Hz. Certification from UL (North America), CE (Europe) and BSMI (Taiwan). The mounting holes and flange dimension are in accordance with IEC standard. Customers can use the ANUH series to replace the traditional IEC motor.

By the aluminum alloy frame design, the motor weight is significantly decreased compared to the traditional cast iron motor. The terminal box can be rotated 4x 90°, let the power cable entrance become flexible. The motor is S1 rated (continuous duty). Due to the good heat dissipation design, it can maintain a relative low operating temperature.

3 Phase Standard AC Motor, Industrial Motor, Standard Induction Motor, B5 Electric Motor, IE3 Motor



Type: TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
Certification (optional): UL, CE, BSMI