Foot Mounted Standard Cast Iron Motor

10HP General Purpose Motor, 3510RPM, Cast Iron Frame, Horizontal

Frame 132S, Efficiency 86.5%
F class insulation.
Support different voltage and frequency (200V ~ 480V with 50HZ/60HZ).
High starting torque and low starting current.
Durable cast iron construction
Totally enclosed, fan-cooled (TEFC)


The 10HP 2 poles motor is equipped with high quality pre-lubricated double-shield bearings, which are easy maintenance and do not need extra lubricate. For 2 poles motor, synchronous speed at 3600rpm/60Hz and 3000rpm/50Hz. The standard protection level is IP54. Designed according to IEC60034, it has certification from UL( North America), BSMI(Taiwan) and CE (Europe) certification. Covering voltage from 200V ~ 480V, 50Hz and 60Hz.

3 Phase Standard AC Motor, Industrial Motor, Standard Induction Motor, B3 Electric Motor



Type: TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
Certification (optional): UL, GB, CE, BSMI