Custom Electric Motor

Hoist and Crane Motor 2.5HP, 1 phase, diameter 175mm, 1400RPM, 240V

Hoist and Crane Motor
High starting torque but low starting current.
Customized motor shaft and front cover, convenient to combine with different structure.
Overcurrent protection switch, automatic power off if overloaded.
Smooth operation without noise.
In compliance with CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).
Product sold to EU pass RoHS compliance.


The electric winch motor or cable puller motor run smooth from low speed to high speed. It has large starting torque but low starting current. Frame size could be smaller than standard motor. As a professional motor design manufacturer, Kuo Shuay could provide excellent customized solution for you according to the need such as output and speed.


Phase Single, Three
Output 1 / 4HP ~ 7.5HP
Pole 4P, 6P
Voltage Single 100V ~ 240V / Three 200V ~ 575V
Frequency 50 / 60HZ
Insulation A, E, B, F
IP Code IP54 ~ IP55

Specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs