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40 Years of NEMA Premium | IE3 | UL Motors Manufacturing | Kuo Shuay

Kuo Shuay, since 1988, is a professional foot and flange mounted AC Motor manufacturer based in Taiwan.

At KUO SHUAY, all cast iron and aluminum frame AC electric motors are manufactured with UL certifications, which include efficiency tests, torque-speed curve tests, temperature rise tests, circle diagram tests and more. And their motors are used in food machine, CNC, treadmill, blower, pump, stacker, electric carrier and gate operator industries.

Kuo Shuay has been offering customers UL certified AC motors, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Kuo Shuay ensures each customer's demands are met.


Noise Test Room
Noise Test Room

Kuo Shuay set the production base in Taiwan since 1988. All new products are developing, testing, and manufacturing in our factory in Taichung. Current employees are around 70 people and the area of the factory is around 5000m². From raw materials handling, production line running and final product packing, all following the standard operating procedures. Set up with 4 assembly lines (A, B, C, D), our production capacity is over 400000 motors annually and the output of motors come from 20W to 15KW. We are able to set special assembly lines for our customers if needed.

Each motor, from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished products, undergoes strict checks and inspections. During the assembly process, each production line is equipped with a separate silent testing room. All motor will pass an independent noise test rooms for 100% check before packing.

The factory has passed ISO9001, and is strictly regulated for raw material, semi-product storage, labeling, stacking and traceability. During the manufacture and assembly, production line staffs follow the operation instruction process and import 5S for daily operation and optimize the standardized the assembly procedure, improving product stability. Based on strict process control, we are committed to becoming the benchmark for the motor industry.

In recent years, due to increased business demand, we not only set up flexible production lines, but expand the factory at the end of 2019. The new factory will go operation at the Q4 of 2021, and expect to serve more customers.


Manufacturing process overview

● Stamping of silicon steel plate
● Stator copper coil winding
● Vacuum varnish impregnation
● Rotor aluminum die casting
● Shaft and rotor machining
● Housing and end bells machining
● Motor assembly