Custom Electric Motor

Metal Circular Saw Machinery Motor 2HP, 3 phase, 4P/8P, 1425RPM / 715RPM

Metal Circular Saw Machinery Motor
Base on different applications, intermittent duty motors (ex: S2, S6) could be design, which are more cost effective.
Class F insulation system, decreasing the size of motor and saving installation space.
Customized design performance is available, such as additional starting torque or maximum torque.
Motors could be water and dust proof, extending the service life of motor.
Product sold to EU pass RoHS compliance.


The industrial circular saw motor or industrial pole changing motor have aluminum frame with good heat dissipation. Large torque and high efficiency. Pole changing design, change speed without inverter. Kuo Shuay could provide excellent customized solution for you and offer a more competitive option.


Phase Three
Output 0.65KW~2KW
Pole 2P / 4P、4P / 8P
Voltage 200V~575V
Frequency 50 / 60HZ
Insulation A、E、B、F
IP Code IP54

Specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs