Custom Electric Motor

AC Treadmill Motor 3HP, 3 phase, diameter 165mm, ODP, inverter control

Fitness Industry Motor
Speed range 0.8 ~ 16km/hr (3/4 ~ 2HP), ~ 25km/hr (3HP), ~ 28km/hr (5HP).
Special winding and insulation system, increased tolerance for voltage spikes, smooth operation through inverter control, low noise and long lifecycle.
Dynamic balancing, low vibration in all speed.
Suitable for different brand of inverters, significantly decreased the time of development.
Flywheel inertia, size, suspension system or encoder can be customized.
Treadmill motor is one of the most popular products and many famous fitness brands in U.S. are our clients.
Product sold to EU pass RoHS compliance.


The treadmill motors are easily controlled by VFD inverters. Flywheel can be used to increase the inertia. The motor are run smooth with low vibration. As a professional motor design manufacturer, Kuo Shuay could provide excellent customized solution for you according to the need such as torque and output.


Phase Three
Output 0.75HP~5HP
Pole 4P
Voltage 220V
Frequency 60HZ
Insulation F、H
IP Code IP20~IP55

Specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs