Custom Electric Motor

Long Shaft Chemical Pump Motor 15HP, 3 phase, diameter 245mm, length 890mm

Commercial Pump Motor
In order to resisting the corrosive chemicals, anti-corrosive coating has been used so that the painting could stand with erosive material. Inside the motor, acid and alkali resistant varnish is used that increasing the service life of the motor.
Customized shaft according to the design of pump, extended long shaft with stainless steel enhance the resistance for corrosion.
Motor has sufficient torque and speed for different fluid viscosity and loading, operating smoothly from low to high speed.
Certified with UL, CE and BSMI.
Product sold to EU pass RoHS compliance.


Long shaft pump motors are designed with stainless steel shaft. Anti-corrosive coating is used to enhance the protection. As a professional motor design manufacturer, Kuo Shuay could provide excellent customized solution for you according to the need such as output and speed.


Phase Single, Three
Output 0.25HP~20HP
Pole 2P、4P
Voltage Single 100V ~ 240V / Three 200V ~ 575V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Insulation A, E, B, F, H
IP Code IP54~IP55

Specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs