Custom Electric Motor

Electric Carrier Motor, 4KW, 3 phase, diameter 177mm, 1420RPM, 15V

Electric Carrier Motor
Speed range up to 35km/hr.
Special winding and insulation system, increased tolerance for voltage spikes, smooth operation through inverter control, low noise and long lifecycle.
Reduced size and weight design, available to install into a limit space and decrease the weight for the carrier.
The shaft is made with special steel with annealing and refining process, extend life time for extra loading.
Reliable sensor bearing with inverter system, smooth speed change without vibration.
High starting torque during low frequency, soft running current increase 30% endurance.
This product is one of the popular products in KUO SHUAY. It can provide low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Special base voltage and base frequency, number of poles can be designed according to customer needs.
Product sold to EU pass RoHS compliance.


The application of motor includes electric golf cart, electric forklift, electric pallet truck...etc. The motor runs smooth from low speed to high speed. It has large torque at low speed. Since the material is upgraded, frame size is smaller than standard motor. Decreasing weight also help the lifecycle of battery. As a professional motor design manufacturer, Kuo Shuay could provide excellent customized solution for you according to the need such as output and speed.


Phase Three
Output 3 / 4HP ~ 7.5HP
Pole 2P, 4P
Voltage 15V (Driver DC24V), 30V (Driver DC48V)
Frequency 50 / 60HZ
Insulation F, H
IP Code IP20 ~ IP55

Specifications can be adjusted according to customer needs