Custom Electric Motor

Exhaust motor

Fan Motor and Blower Motor
Special iron core for exhaust motor with excellent characteristics and low operating noise.
The motor is highly efficient and energy-saving.
The induction motor has no carbon brushes, high stability and easy maintenance.
Using aluminum shell for better heat dissipation.


This exhaust motor has a fully enclosed structure and has certifications such as North American UL, Taiwan BSMI, and European Union CE. It has undergone multiple safety tests, and has been tested for full voltage efficiency in the Guoshuai UL designated certification laboratory. The efficiency reaches the regulatory specification IE3/IE4 nominal Above the value, it has excellent characteristics and can operate continuously for a long time in high temperature, high dust or humid environments. If it is used in a normal environment, you can also choose a general iron-cased or semi-enclosed motor, which has the same excellent efficiency and is also certified.

Motor specifications

  • 0.5HP
  • AC single phase
  • Frame number 80M
  • Outer diameter 130mm
  • 3480RPM
  • Voltage 200V ~ 480V
  • UL certified products

Specification table

Number of phases Single, triple
Output 0.25HP ~ 20HP
Number of poles 2P, 4P, 6P
Voltage Single 100V~240V / Triple 200V~575V
Frequency 50 / 60HZ
Insulation level A, E, B, F, H
Protection level IP54~IP55

The design can be adjusted according to customer needs


What is the purpose of the exhaust motor?

The exhaust motor can discharge hot air, dust, and odorous gases. It can be used in the heat dissipation and exhaust of clean rooms and CNC machines. In addition, kitchen range hoods, ovens, building air conditioning systems, equipment drying, and boilers are also common applications.

Can the noise of the exhaust motor be reduced?

The bending and length of the pipeline will affect the wind force of the exhaust motor. If the pipeline is not long and the amount of oil fume is not large, you can choose a 6-pole exhaust motor. The speed will be reduced, which can greatly reduce the noise of wind noise. If the workplace environment has a lot of background noise, you are not afraid of the noise, and you need an exhaust fan with strong suction, you can choose a 2-pole motor to meet your needs.