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40 Years of NEMA Premium | IE3 | UL Motors Manufacturing | Kuo Shuay

Kuo Shuay, since 1988, is a professional foot and flange mounted AC Motor manufacturer based in Taiwan.

At KUO SHUAY, all cast iron and aluminum frame AC electric motors are manufactured with UL certifications, which include efficiency tests, torque-speed curve tests, temperature rise tests, circle diagram tests and more. And their motors are used in food machine, CNC, treadmill, blower, pump, stacker, electric carrier and gate operator industries.

Kuo Shuay has been offering customers UL certified AC motors, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Kuo Shuay ensures each customer's demands are met.



There is variety of motors of Kuo Shuay, you can search possible motors from different categories or applications. Horsepower starts from 0.01kW to 15kW with general purpose motor and custom motor. Because the advantage of cost-effectiveness, high efficiency and easy maintenance and not require brushes, AC motors are widely used in building ventilation, swimming pool and SPA, electric carrier, gate opener, sputum suction machine and treadmill...etc.

Motor can be divided into two group, AC (alternative current) and DC (direct current). Kuo Shuay has been designing and manufacturing AC induction motor for more than 30 years. No matters inverter match and control, energy-saving IE3 motor or widely used single phase motors are all Kuo Shuay's specialized field.


Our product including IEC motors and custom motors:

IEC Motor, General Purpose Motor

If you need high efficiency and quality IEC motor, Kuo Shuay will be one of your best options. Standard output starts from 0.25HP to 20HP. Efficiency and dimension are all meet the IEC 60034. Traditional cast iron housing series are strong and durable. There is also lightweight aluminum housing series, where the size is smaller than traditional motors while maintaining the same performance. Offering with IP55 protection, the frame size come from 63 to 160M. According to the energy regulation, we provide cast iron and aluminum frame IE3 (NEMA premium) motors that meet the energy requirement, and also get the UL and CE certification.

Custom Motor, Definite Purpose Motor

Custom motors have many different designs and applications, usually with unique mounting and performance, depending on different industry and customer needs. Kuo Shuay has accumulated experience in various industries, providing hundreds type of custom and definite motors. From small output energy-saving fan motor to pole changing tile cutter motors, we committed to accomplish the need for our customers. Not only with highly flexible on new product design but have short new product developing time.

Kuo Shuay can provide excellent and high efficiency performance motor. Whether you aim to apply to commercial or household use, we can save your developing time, cost and solve the maintenance problems. If the existed motors are not quite fit your special requirement, our talented engineers could customize a solution for you.

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