Milestone of Kuo Shuay

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40 Years of NEMA Premium | IE3 | UL Motors Manufacturing | Kuo Shuay

Kuo Shuay, since 1988, is a professional foot and flange mounted AC Motor manufacturer based in Taiwan.

At KUO SHUAY, all cast iron and aluminum frame AC electric motors are manufactured with UL certifications, which include efficiency tests, torque-speed curve tests, temperature rise tests, circle diagram tests and more. And their motors are used in food machine, CNC, treadmill, blower, pump, stacker, electric carrier and gate operator industries.

Kuo Shuay has been offering customers UL certified AC motors, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Kuo Shuay ensures each customer's demands are met.

Milestone of Kuo Shuay


Milestone of Kuo Shuay
Milestone of Kuo Shuay

Kuo Shuay is established over 30 the years. We always devote to great attention to research and development, continuously bring products to the new market, and apply motors to more and more industries. Due to the excellent quality and the motivation of continuous innovation, Kuo Shuay owns the leading position both in the development and manufacture of single and three-phase induction motors in Taiwan.

In recent years, product development emphasizes modularization, efficiency and targeting. We look forward to bringing our customers the best products with the fastest speed. Because of upholding the faith of innovation and service, we could continuously grow and thrive.

2019Standard U.S. NEMA frame Premium (IE3) motors development completed.
2018Standard IEC frame (Aluminum Series) IE3 motors obtain UL/BSMI certification.
2017Standard IEC frame (Cast iron Series) IE3 motors obtain UL/BSMI certification.
2016Single phase Premium(IE3) efficiency motor development completed.
Long shaft chemical pump motor development complete.
Get CCC and GB2 certification.
2015Obtain the IE3 certification from Taiwan Industrial Research Institute (ITRI).
2012Receive the qualification for UL Energy evaluation laboratory and obtain UL premium (IE3) efficiency level certification.
2011Join the UL Witness Data Test Program and establish the first UL laboratory in motor industry in Asia Pacific.
2009Successful design the AC synchronous motor.
2008Signing contract with well-known sports and fitness company from U.S.
2006Receive PSE certification for Japan, open pump motor market in Japan.
Low voltage inverter duty AC motor is developed. (use for golf cart and forklift)
2003Obtain CSA and CUL certification for North America market.
Open pump motor market in North America.
Develop AC inverter duty motor for treadmill (3/4HP ~ 5HP).
2002Receive DNV ISO-9001.
2000Invest Tur-Yih company in China, producing series motors, DC motors, AC motors and related product.
1999Receive DNV ISO-9002.
1998Hire professional consultant from NTU, improving the internal process and meet international quality certification requirements, thereby, increasing production efficiency and product competitiveness.
1994Due to the expand of business, moved to current address, No.6, Gouxin Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 429, Taiwan.
1991Obtain UL certification E106096.
1988Establish with 6 employees.