1HP2P Flange Mounted IE3 Standard Cast Iron Motor

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1HP2P Flange Mounted IE3 Standard Cast Iron Motor Manufacturing | Kuo Shuay

Kuo Shuay, since 1988, is a professional 1HP2P Flange Mounted IE3 Standard Cast Iron Motor manufacturer based in Taiwan.

At KUO SHUAY, all cast iron and aluminum frame AC electric motors are manufactured with UL certifications, which include efficiency tests, torque-speed curve tests, temperature rise tests, circle diagram tests and more. And their motors are used in food machine, CNC, treadmill, blower, pump, stacker, electric carrier and gate operator industries.

Kuo Shuay has been offering customers UL certified AC motors, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Kuo Shuay ensures each customer's demands are met.

1HP2P Flange Mounted IE3 Standard Cast Iron Motor


The AEUH high efficiency motors are recognized component verified by Underwriters Laboratories and carry the UL logo. It reaches the Premium (IE3) efficiency and has approval by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Dimension and tolerance of the cast iron frame and flange are in accordance with international IEC standard, and users can easily upgrade the motor from non-IE3 to IE3 efficiency. The motor is 2 poles and the synchronous speed is 3600rpm/60Hz and 3000rpm/50Hz. It is suitable for many industries such as fan and blower industry or pump industry. Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled (TEFC) design with IP54 protection. The IE3 motor can apply to wide voltages (200V, 220V, 230V, 240V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V) at 50Hz and 60Hz. Each voltage has been tested in UL lab to ensure the IE3 efficiency. The motor also obtains certifications from BSMI (Taiwan), CE (Europe) and GB (China).

Three Phase Motor, Standard AC Motor, Industrial Motor, Standard Induction Motor, B5 Electric Motor


  • UL certified, IE3 premium efficiency motor.
  • Dimension following the international standard.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Applicable for wide range voltage and frequency (200V ~ 480V with 50/60HZ).
  • High grade, electromagnetic steel laminations for low core loss and high efficiency.
  • Pre-lubricated shielded bearings, not need to add extra grease.
  • Excellent performance with low temperature rise.


Type: TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
Certification (optional): UL, GB, CE, BSMI
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    The AEVF Series are designed according to IEC60034. Standard cast iron frame with flange mounted. Both end brackets are fitted with high quality pre-lubricated ball bearings. For 2 poles motors, synchronous speed at 3600rpm / 60Hz and 3000rpm / 50Hz. Motor runs smooth without noise and vibration. The flange dimension is in accordance with IEC international standard. Motors can work with wide voltage and frequency. The applicable voltage for a single motor can cover from 200V to 480V, frequency 50, 60Hz. AEVF series has obtained certifications including UL (North America), BSMI (Taiwan), CE (Europe) and GB (China).

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    The 1HP IE3 high efficiency motor can support voltages from 200, 220, 230, 240, 380, 400, 415, 440, 460 to 480V, frequency 50Hz and 60Hz. It is very convenient when our customers sell machines with our motors to different countries. They do not need to prepare too much inventory for different voltages. Current certifications include UL for North America, BSMI for Taiwan and CE for Europe. The motor also gets approval from the Department of Energy in U.S.(the efficiency meets the NEMA Premium level). With the aluminum frame, the weight is decreased compared to the cast iron frame motor. By upgrading the lamination steel of the motor, the size of the motor is also smaller. It increases the power density and maintains the same output and performance.